Krell preamp KRS balanced user manual ???

hi everybody

I recently bought a krell Krs balanced preamp. It is impossible to find any specification or manual on internet.

has anyone got a copy of the user manual ? Anyone has used already this preamp ?
You can download the manual directly from the Krell site at:
on Krell website there are only the manuals for the KRS 1A and the KRS 2. The KRS balanced manual is missing. I sent a message to Krell, they don't have it.
I owned one of these back in the day and remember that the "manual" was one page that talked about the phono dip switches.
one page ? better than nothing !!! about phono section the page may be about the same I guess as for the Krs 1A and the KRS 2 But thank you if you can forward me this page.
Apogee_paris... When I sold my KRS I gave the page to the buyer.
KRS-1A manual is sufficient.
I had the KRS-2 preamp which already had the largest capacitance I ever saw in a pre-amp (apart from the Dynaudio Arbiter which had capacitors the size of beer cans and 8 of them) saw the KRS-1 Balanced is even more overkill.
Important difference are the Spectrol stereo pots in each main module making it true balanced.

Try to get a pair of Krell KRS-200´s and your Class A king all the way!
Are you still looking for this manual? I have it, all 2 pages of it.
yes I am still looking for this manual on Krell Preamp KRS 1 balanced. It seems that a few people own this preamp. I was wandering also if changing the capacitance is required after 20 years and if this has an impact on the sound since it is said that there is no capacitance on the audio path.
Apogee, there's a guy on Ebay selling this Krell KRS 1A preamp.
You should ask him.