Krell preamp

Hi Folks:

During the KSA 150 and 250 era, what was their top of the line preamp?

Thanks as always.

I believe it was the KBL, KPA era. Line stage and seperate phono stage. I had the KPA or else the cheaper KPE phono. Too long ago to remember but it was big, heavy and had complex loading capability.
I had the KSA-250 and remember it to be the KRC-HR; with HR being High Resolution. I owned the KRC-HR with my KSA-250. Krell greatly improved their preamps and I loved the KCT best.
According to the Audiogon Blue Book the 150, 250 , KBL and KPA all came out in 1990, the KRC-HR in 1997. I agree that later Krells are better, it took quite a while for the preamps to catch up with the amps.

Thank you all.