Krell Phantom pre with built-in active crossover

Any experiences with the new Phantom pramp? I am interested to order one, with optional active crossover board inside... Could be great to know some impressions if anyone listened the Phantom, with comparison to the predecessor Evo-202 if possible etc.

C'mon guys,

No one listened the Phantom yet..??

Have someone maybe got some insight based on list of specifications, or so?

I barely found several differences vs older Evo-202. The most significant one, beside quite a bit larger power supply, is the active crossover board (optional), which has implied additional changes on rear panel (one output more - the "bass" signal path).

Phantom priced higher just a little - 17500 dollars (without active crossover board, which costs 2500 extra) vs 16500 dollars MRSP for discontinued Evo-202.

I bought a Krell Phantom that arrived yesterday. Not yet properly broken-in. Already substantially better than the Krell KCT and every other preamp I tested in my system. Hard to find anything lacking. Best bass, transparent, real, detailed, musical, extended both ways, really great.