Krell or Sunfire Prepro, need advice thank you

Comparing (demos) Krell HTS-1 and Sunfire-TGIII prepros for 50/50 music/HT-5.1 & Mirage speakers.
I haven't been able to audition.

Can anyone please compare the two directly, sonically. I will be using the prepro for all digital processing, CD & DD/DTS.
I am contemplating using the Sunfire Cinema Grand II for 5ch amplification in either case (due to limited space and amp heating issues.)

Also welcome are comments on how relevant are the common complaints - namely, the 2 sec delay (HTS) and signal-to-noise (TG3/CG2) issues. THX
I have owned both, the hts 1 is very good musicly and fair on ht, the sunfire theater 3 is good musicly and very good on ht, the hts 1 has no analog bypass so it can not do sacd or dvd audio, the sunfire can, the sunfire has a much better remote and has dolby prologic 2, the hts does not, in its day the hts was a great prepro, but time has passed it by, also, the digital delay drove me nuts, it also drove me to sell it, no such problem with the sunfire, also,noice has not been a issue with the sunfire, hope this helps, good luck
If you end up choosing the Sunfire Pre / Pro, i would highly suggest using the balanced out to drive your amp ( if possible ). I've found that this works better than the single ended RCA operation with this unit and i know that a few others here on Agon have come to the same conclusion. Sean
Thanks for all the comments, they were very helpful.

I noticed that the Sunfire receiver appears to have the same prepro built in. How much sonic improvement is there comparing the TG3/CG2 combination vs. the Receiver? Also, does anyone know how long it takes to burn-in these units before they sound good??