Krell or Bryston 4SST2

i have oppo BDP-95 and HSU-15VTF....and looking for some nice sounding amp.....whick amp is not dull or muddy b/w those i mentioned above....appreciate thx.
Not dull or muddy. Most of6 the high end stuff is niether, Bryston won;t be a problem. Certainly ARC "High Definition". You appear to have enough to buy Spectral, Sanders System amps, BAT, Pass,LLam the newer Krell. The world is your oyster so go out and listen to the current crop.
Let's start with some more information:
1. Main speakers?
2. Pre-amp?
3. Music/HT usage?
4. Music preference?
5. Budgets?
6. Interconnects used?
Actully i have my old system Technics SU-G95...purchase in 1996...and still in mint condition....but now the time is up to upgrade, so looking for the options...looking for a nice amp around $5000...will buy at Audiogon probably, any used one in good lets see i am researching...and will be Krell or Bryston to be closed on. but open for other options. suggestions will be welcomed. thanks for the response...starts liking AudiogoN. bye
You might want to consider a Mark Levinson 532H. There is one currently offered on Audiogon for 27 days. I have no relation with the seller. However, I own the amp and have owned previous Krell amps and the Levinson is excellent. Offer the seller $5000 and see what happens. If you want to hear my amps and you are near Boston, feel free to contact me to have a listen. Good luck. (300 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 450 into 4 ohms.)
If the "world is your oyster", I think the proper term should be "current bed" instead of "crop.", unless this world is a single oyster, in which the scenario would be cramped and a little fishy.
Go for the Krell. You will be glad you did.
Anyone know how the Krell 300 integrated amp matches up with the Martin Logan reQuest speaker?
The Bryston is a neat little amp. It used to be a better value, but the current price isn't too tough. I would try one out first to see if it's to your liking.
Thanks, Dave. I ended up picking up a Mark Levinson ML-9. I love it!
Cool, that's a nice little vintage amp.
I recently chose a Pass x250.5 over both Krell and Bryston offerings
My vote is for the Bryston 4B SST2..
I chose a Krell 700cx over the pass-labs used offerings a year ago!, My vote would be a used Krell over Bryston any day!cheers!
Wolf you got me there it is a bed of oysters indeed. There seems to be quite a lot of them the way people slurp them down, but they aren't cheap anymore and they have been gourmet-etized, with there bed and water of origin listed on the menu. I went out recently and at 2 or 3 bucks a piece it ain't like the sloppy hot sauce drenched dozens I ate when I vistited New Orleans. I hope they are still cheap and messy.
And Yes I suppose Pass is as good or better than Bryston or even Krell might be for some ears, I can't say. I just had to add an audio comment
Krell is very iffy about even surviving. Large breakdown rate on items of past few years.

Go Pass Labs. Better sound, thriving company.