Krell or Anthem ???

Matter of fact, I really like my present amplify 180wpc Anthem A5. It's very liable, I use it mainly for both HT and 2-ch with no problem what so ever. But the bug is scratching my butt. Since I love 2-ch so much, I want more power for the TWO front speakers. An audio buddy of mine (very experienced gent) highly suggested NOT getting the top line 325wpc Anthem P5. “Go for a USED Krell”, he said.

I have collected and read many articles but I need inputs from the "real world" people, ones that already have had/used Krells. This thread is very specific but still, my apology is out if it's double posted.

1/ Please point out ALL differences between these two old Krell KAV-2250 and KSA-250? I'd like to know evthing about them, literally. (thanks, I already have specs from

2/ Can both of these Krells out-perform my 180wpc Anthem A5 in dynamic and sound quality?

3/ Can they also top out the flagship Anthem 325wpc model P5?
Fact: In paper, the P5 has much "beautiful" chart and numbers than the Krell's.

4/ Is it true that the 2-ch Krell KAV-2250 will have more effort/juice to push than its sister 3-ch KAV-3250 even both have same power output?

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Greatly appreciated.
I owned Krell and actually still have a 1991 Krell KSA 300 S n my closet.Anthem are softer in presentation but a fine amp.Krell A/B are not their class A products (and that's what my guess is you'd be comparing to).Both Krells have similar sound (though between them like price it is night and day).Having once sold Krell bu not anthem I can tel you that most likely if you are bass freak Krell would be your choice.They have decent clear highs (though some other better them) but bass is their forte.Some think that Krell is too analytical but this I thin is not a knock on high end clarity or vice grip lock on bass but because their mids are bi metallic and "etched".Plus they are no super value.If you need lot's of power you might also think of old stand by Bryston (4 BST with say 10 left on warranty is what I got for friend who has current hungry Maggies.If he had say B&W's which I also sols I would have sold him my Krell but it's not match with Maggies even though it is a high current amp and Moggies can suck down the current).Another thing is fi you can go out and liste to a new ICE powered Class D amps from Bel Canto,PS Audio etc.Wyred sold direct from Wally Liderman at underwoodwally direct is a 21st century type of thing and most folks like them.One caveat I thought Krell (new) was way overpriced and since I am a vocals acoustic music (jazz fan) I chose tubes for my horns and sold more McIntosh which had less resolution but was more "musical".My suggestion cast a bigger net.As most like me who (think) they are in know it's best to describe speakers as synergy works with some and whole systems to see if something else needs updating more than amp since it is "Should I keep" which means you like what you have but could go better.Maybe money is other parts of system make sense first.Anthem made a good product but I thought it was just a touch above mid fi like Rotel,Adcom etc and now might be bettered by good NAD silver series.Just my opinion.if I check post again mention speakers.
I can't help you wioth choice as I have not owned both but Krell is expensive, for sure. However, I would ask what speakers are you driving that they could fully benefit from such power? If you are looking for dynamics and greater clarity at more powerful SPL levels then it is of much more importance to talk about the speakers - many speakers may not be able to fully utilize 325 Watts most will compress thermally and exceed linear excursion of the drivers (sound dull and congested) long before you can fully use that kind of power...
Great thanks to all,
Just like ICs, power cables, and the rest of my front end, all my speakers don’t stay at 1 place very long. I swap them around almost weekly to get new vibes. Over look, they are mostly small floorstanding and few sets of monitors. The bug is rubbing my back so new Krell or stay with Anthem? ….

Please take your time. Economy crisis is topping the news and I’m keeping my 5y old car as well so I’m no hurry….
You never mentioned which typeof sound you like or which type of music you prefer. I owned Krell KAV400 integarted, so that is my only experience with Krell.
It has great bass control and that is it. Krell stands for Krell Audio Video; it is geared towards home theatere corwd and that is what it sounds like. Very unbalanced very poor treble :distorted and with glassy quality to it. Sound stage and articulation of the musical performers separating them form ewach other and presenting large orchestral pieces is not Krell's forte.
Perhaps it is great amp for watching Batman movies, but for music Krell KAV400 is death.
I'm more into warm, sweet, and soft sound. Anything that is musical and slow likes Rega, Arcam, Totem, Sonus Faber. Ones that can keep me on my sofa for hours and hours. Anyways, a friend of mine just let me borrow his Krell KAV-3250 to run with my Focal Chorus 826V. So, how was it? well, it is too bright, too forward for me. It's very detail, sharp, and clean though but I got physically tired quicky. Yes, you are right, this Krell would be exellent for HT purpose. After 2 weeks of playing back and forth with my Anthem, I was so happy handing the Krell back to its owner. No holding back......
The new Krell S300i integrated amp is freakin killer...check it out! It is high current with evo technology and i-pod connectivity wt 150w/ch into 8ohms and 300w/ch into 4ohms! Stomps the 400xi and blows away most of the competition under 10K. 43lbs with a solid metal remote that's lethal for $2500 list:)
I bought a KAV2250 and a Theater Amplifier Standard(TAS) for my Home Theater/Music system last year. I originally had the KAV2250 hooked up to my L/R speakers and even though it was clear and had tons of power it really was not very musical.

My Krell dealer recommended that I hook up my TAS to my L/R speaker, since he felt that the TAS has better electronics in it than the KAV.

Wow, what a difference. The TAS, even though it is a 5 channel home theater amp is terrific. Much smoother and more musical. Could not be happier.

If you can find a TAS on sale here on Audiogon, I would recommend bi-amping to your 2 channel system. You would be surprised. $8k for a new one is too much, but $4k for a used one is a good deal.
Hi Dave,

I am just curious about the New Krell S300i....stomps the 400xi in what way if you could specify, appreciate it since the new unit has a smaller Toroid and less capacitors compared to the older 400xi. I did like the 400xi when I had it long ago, sparkling amplifier in many ways. I know it uses the new Evo technology but is it totaly different? since I know its a whole new from Ground up design from Krell.

>>Stomps the 400xi and blows away most of the competition under 10K<<

**Stomps the 400xi**
Big deal.

**Most of the competition under 10K**
That is part hyperbole with the balance being BS.

There are some incredible integrateds under $10K and to mention the 300xi and 400xi in the same breath as that competition is just plain silly.
Hi Dave, once again....
If you do get a chance to respond to my prior question with regards to the difference between the new S300i and the 400xi, we would truly value your opinion.

As much as I like Krell's power amplifiers, I've been underwhelmed by their intergrateds.
I heard the Krell integrated ( ~$2500 300i I think) with CAmbridge 840 source on Focal Profile speaks a few months back at a local Tweeter (RIP) and liked what I heard.

Hasn't always been the case with the Krell stuff. When I've heard Krell pieces that did not sound good, I suspect it could have been more do to mismatch with other components in the loop and lackluster setup or perhaps components not operating up to spec, but can't say for sure.

The book's still out on Krell for me but I have not felt compelled to spend much time worrying about in that there are many other nice fish in the sea as well.
Sorry, I didn't get a chance to post a response, what with christmas and apologies. The new Krell S300i is more focused with better defintion and soundstaging. Bass is just as big and bold as ever with more texture and control. Midrange is neutral with no sense of glare or upper midrange emphasis which could sneek in sometimes with the 400xi. The high frequencies are more open and detailed albeit slightly less sweet and liquid sounding..ah, the trade off's we must suffer! Overall a better integrated with less euphonia and more refinement. After full breakin and some new cables I'm messin with I'll post again:) Hi Audiofeil...always nice to hear your sunny perspective.
Now please list all of the competition under $10K that it "stomps and blows away".

Your words not mine.

All you do is bloviate and employ hyperbole Dave.

Due to lack of support your posts are without credibility or merit.

But they are funny and a source of comic relief.
Musical fidelity, Ayre, Moon, CJ, NuForce for starters...let the listeners decide however. My opinion is just that, mine! I am entitled to one, aren't I? Here's a thought, how about you make a suggestion for consideration...maybe I'll try it and like it!
You did not list specific models only manufacturers. Once again, you are dancing around the question and not supporting your contention. I believe your statement is nothing more than hyperbole and bluster. Your posting history is replete with the same behavior.

Please list all specific components and the associated equipment you actually HEARD that was "stomped and blown away". Everything you've posted is BS and you know it.

As for me, I cannot make a recommendation as the OP asked about Anthem and Krell only. I've not heard either of the Anthem amps so no opinion is offered.

I will not recommend Krell under any circumstances.
CJ only makes the CA200, the Moon I-7 of course and the Ayre 7xe and the MF A5.5 (the KW stuff is darn good however, I must say). For $2500 ($2100 discounted), the Krell is hard to beat:) It is extended, focused, open and holographic. Oh, I have an Anthem multichannel amp which is pretty good but bettered by the B&K stuff in it's class.
That's hardly representative of the better integrateds under $10K.

You're still blowing smoke and dancing around the 11/28/08 "Stomps the 400xi and blows away most of the competition under 10K" remark. You haven't addressed any of the serious competitors.

It's a wise man that puts down the shovel when he's dug too deep of a hole.

I suggest you climb out and walk away quietly.
As I said before, I'm not interested in having a Father/Son dysfunctional relationship with you Audiofeil. Just let us know what to buy and save us alot of time:) Obviously I have failed to live up to your requirements as an obsessively correct standards and practices liason. Why can't we all be perfect and all knowing like you:(
I have decided to stay away from contentious posts going forward. It brings everyone down in the end. Happy New Year to all:)
Ok, guys.
I just don't understand this, if Krells are so great then why an $8K Krell HTS pre/pro (or DVD Standard) with few years old now being sold ONLY at around $1.8K. While there's VERY FEW of Anthem D1 or D2 Pre/pro (new $4-$7K) can be located here and they are being listed FIRMLY ABOVE $2K, WHY?

1. because Krell sold more than Anthem?
2. because more Krell owners "changed their mind" than Anthem's?
3. because Krell's mark up price higher than their actual value?
Krell is a big name and I just want to jump on it to get it over with.
Please, I'm looking for facts and logics only. No more personal attacks.
Well, the Krell is a much older model (4 years older; was introduced on '00). The Anthem does 7.1. The Krell retailed for $6k. I think the difference in capability and age is why. Plus I don't know about Anthem but the Krell new can normally be had for less than MSRP so the new paid price might have been less. Do a little more research and you might find other factors.
IMHO, Krells HT stuff is not in the same league as their pure audio gear. That coupled with the fact that there has been so many frequent changes in HT (between cable compatibility and processing formats) that HT gear becomes obsolete at a much faster rate than pure audio gear, and therefore the more recent cheaper models might be more relevant than the older more expensive models.