Krell mono blocks and wilson watt puppy's

Thanks to all who gave me some great info. regarding the Goldmund mimesis 9.5 I was auditioning. I returned it due to age and price. I am know thinking of going with Krell monoblocks. The model I have not chosen yet, but am thinking the 350's or higher.

The question I have, if anyone knows is that I have run into problems with Krell in Japan if bought offshore. In Tokyo the power is 100v. 60 hertz I believe. I had a Krell preamp once that I believe would only run at 50 hertz (or vice versa). Does anyone know if that applies to the Amplifiers as well? The modification is expensive and with the strong yen I want to buy from the States and ship here.

Thank you for any advice.
Frequency/HZ usually only matters with AC motors but Krell US amps run on 120V/60HZ.
The older Krell amps (I have a KSA-250) can easily be switched between 100V up to 240V (there are 3 internal jumpers to set) and will operate on 50Hz or 60Hz. This is not true of the newer Krell amps which have a power input frequency sensing circuit and will not operate if you try to run a 60Hz amp on 50Hz power supply and vice versa. You need to have Krell, or their agent, convert the amps from one power system to the other. Another option is to buy a power regenerator, albeit a very high capacity one, and use this to convert from your local power voltage/frequency to the power/frequency setting of the amp. See my previous post on this topic.
Thanks, That's what I was afraid of....
Link for electric used.[]