Krell Mono 350M Vs. Mark Levinson Mono 33H

Looking to get a pair of mono block for a pair of B&W Nautilus Signature speakers. Anyone knows which mono is better between Krell Mono 350M Vs. Mark Levinson Mono 33H.
Thanks in advance for your help
The Krell is an incredible amp, but for sheer musicality I'd probably choose the Levinson. I think the Levinson is also a bit more transparent.
If you are limited to those 2 choices I strongly prefer the Levinson 33H. It is more detailed, grain free and flat out musical compared to the FPB offerings. The Levinson 33H is a very nice amplifier. I hope this helps.
I prefer the Krells but the Levinson is great too. I actually prefer the FPB-600 to the 350s. I sold my 600 to get the 350s and decided I liked the 600 better. I sent the 350s back and got a 600C.
Is it true that the Krell has more bottom end (punchy), faster, and cleaner sound? on the other hand, is the Levinson more like sweeter, slower, and darker sound?

Regarding to Rwwear post, I thought that mono block gives you better isolation and therefore cleaner and better sound compare to 2 channels amp.
In theory but the 600 has an 8000 watt power supply. The ability to place the amps closer to the speakers is the only real advantage.
If you happened to come to Silicon Valley, you would be able to audition all these gear in the same place! For the money you are spending. It might be worth to fly over here and do so. San Francisco Stereo Plus' Mt. View Store has all these components. I've meant to stop by one of these days to hear how the Nautilus would sound driven by the Krell. I had heard the Nautilus driven by all Levinson reference gears, and it sounded impressive.
I am using a pair of 33H's with the B&W Matrix 800's. I'm about to replace the Matrix 800s with Signature 800's. Considering that the 33H's do a phenomenal job with the Matrix 800's, I can't imagine how they could be anything less than sensational with the Signature 800's. Just be sure you have a dedicated 20 amp circuit for each amplifier.