Krell MMF vs std CAST cables

Checking for input on the results from anyone changing from the original CAST to the newer MMF style CAST connectors. Are you glad you did? Thinking on installing between FPB300cx amp & KCT pre-amp.
Thanks in advance, John
Be aware that other companies such as Transparent and Tara will make cast cables for you. IMO the Nordost based MMF is not particularly a good match unless your system needs more detail and life. Nordost(lean) and Krell(neutral) just don't belong together IMO and I think it's a bit odd that Nordost is what Krell picked for the MMF. I can't comment on the std. cast cable except that you shouldn't expect much from it.Very basic. Anyway the Tara cables I have(The One) are spectacular in my system, all EVO.I doubt many people have heard just how musical the latest Krell gear is because of cable limitations. I hope I didn't cloud the issue too much!
I demoed the Transparent and Now have the newer older version silver CAST from Krell. The MMF are suposed to be even better. WHO knows as anything new must be better according any Manufacture. I will be trying these new ones for a while. They are tiny thin and seem like some mic cable.
Cap: I'll be very interested in your findings as I'm also looking to buy some cast cables but cannot demo any.
All fine and well if the MMF sound faster, wider bandwidth etc, it is not good if it is thin sounding. I wonder if cast link will be much better than XLR balanced.