Krell MMF / Nordost, cast cables

This is not a question, but my results. It is very hard to find good info on these cables, so I am giving my two cents worth. I replaced 2nd generation silver cast cables with the Nordost MMF cables about 3 months ago.
In my system it made a world of difference for the good.
The biggest change came in the sound field. It added a holographic quality that is so much better than the other cables offered that you would think I changed out the preamp, or some other major equipment. I can not over state the added sound field improvement. It also offers a blacker background, with, just a little more detail.
For my system, the change was well worth the cost. The best bargain for the buck improvement I have made on this system.
Anyhow, there you go, that's my two cents worth.
After buying my stereo system, the first thing I did was move from DIY cords to all nordost and I'm extremely happy with the results.

I'm using Whitelight optical between my Krell DVD Standard and Benchmark DAC1. From there I use Quattro Fil XLR to the amp, a Krell 400xi and Red Dawn Rev 2 to Focal Micro Utopia Be speakers. Shiva power cords are used on all the components except the amp. Saving up for a Brahma cord for the amp. Sounds quite a bit better than the DIY stuff I was using before.

It appears Krell and Nordost play well together. It was recommended to me by the dealer and I bought it all here on Audiogon.
I too moved from Transparent Cast to new Nordost MMF and the differences is night and day. The MMF is a much more dynamic, resolution, faster and detailed cable.

How can you distinguish the different models?
One end of each cable has Krell CAST branding and the other end has Nordost branding shrink-wrapped onto the cable.