krell mda 300 ..mono block amp..

hi ..these mono block is been out since early 90. how is the sound. I'm interesting in buying a pairs. Any suggestion will help thks..
Hi Banmac,

cannot say i have heard those exact amps, but i have heard a number of amps i believe are from around that era from Krell. I also have read excellent things about this particular was a bit of a cost no object product at the time as i recall.

imho, if anything like its generation of krell, unbelievable composed and controlled into any load, visceral bass, warmer mids than in newer evo-generation krells (a taste thing)...the question will be one of grain. for me, having audition that generation Krells and other sota SS Class A amps, i love the character of the sound...i also find there sometimes is a touch of grain compared to the latest, latest amps of today...but the warmth of the older SS Class A i prefer. I used to own Gryphon Antileon (SS Class A from that vintage), and i have upgraded to a second hand Gryphon Colosseum (also SS Class A). The only reason was the Antileon had given me a couple problems requiring recapping which eventually were resolved, but i decided long-term perhaps i should just do the upgrade anyway...the main benefit being newer (hopefully fewer repairs if any for years to come) and less grain. Otherwise, the other amp at 14 years old was still a champ in nearly every way.

As for your amps, my primary question really is about making sure they do not need recapping...being well built, you might be quite fortunate, but just make sure a proper tech has checked them out for you.

good luck and just one man's opinion...pls keep us posted and enjoy! i suspect they are truly special amps.
Any Krell amp is a dood amp. I have not heard the MDA 300 tho. I have hade a lot of Kreel amps and I can say the older amps are quite good. I have the FPB 400cx now and love It. The CX series do sound very warm and natural not bright at all like the older amps did. I like the 400CX better than I did my 250Ms Mono Blocks. If you go with the MDA 300 Mono Blocks I would have them looked at. Good luck.
Thks for your response Lloydelee and dancer. I will take a closer look in those amp and if I do purchase it, i will keep you posted and let you guys know how it sound. Thks
good luck!
Having owned a pair of MD 300s for several years I can only comment on my own personal experience. Get the amps to Krell to have them re-capped. They ALL (Every KSA and MDA series ) need to have this done every 10 to 15 years if they see any consistent play time. Shipping, caps and labor ran me in the area of $1200 back in 2009 for the pair of amps.

The MDA 300 is a very pleasing product. Character of Class A SS but a very refined and easy balance in tone. I used them with an Ayre K1 pre to excellent effect. Use of a differentially balance pre always sounded best in my system. Speakers ranged from Apogee Studio Grands, Dynaudio Contour IV ( early BIG ones ), to JM Labs Mezzo Utopias.

To echo Lloydlee21, the Krell house sound from that era is "
"unbelievable composed and controlled into any load, visceral bass, warmer mids than in newer evo-generation krells"

Power cords will make a difference to the MDA 300 but not nearly as much as making sure you have a dedicated 20 amp or 30 amp AC line for them to run on. I ran an 8 gauge 60 amp service to my room and the sound of the entire system improved. Every note sounds more free and effortless. Dynamic contrast and shading became more evident and natural. Ease and control improved as well.

To borrow a current commercial phrase:

Feed your Krell. Feed it!
wow Meadowman...very cool post. Have not come across anyone who owns one. Enjoy!
I owned these amps for several years including there big brothers the MDA 500s. Yes they need recapped by now. Yes provide them each with a dedicated line. Yes they will sound very musical and explosive. A great amp. Will they heat up your room and eat power Yes! Yes! YES!😥 But musical and classics they are!🎶 b
When you say a Krell needs to be recapped, what does that mean?
Hi Jimmymac928,

All SS amps have capacitors...i am no techie, but the simple man's understanding is their job is to hold and store energy. How much "capacitance" is a measure of how much energy the amp can store...this helps among other things provide headroom and dynamic capability for when there is a surge or draw on energy due to significant transients in your music.

Over time, capacitors tend to lose their ability to store energy a worse case, they leak. Older-tech capacitors had elements that could dry up. In any event, with Krell, which at that generation was largely Class A--meaning the least efficient, hottest burning (but i love the sound best)...capacitors tend to need replacing after 10-15 years. So you 're-cap' them.

Hope that is helpful. A Krell would probably cost about $1000-$1500 to recap...and done well, you should be good to go for another 10 years, as (i am told) most of these well built amps dont have any other areas which would go wrong under normal almost have a 'new amp'.