Krell / Mcintosh / Pass For Dynaudios

Hi all,

No way of comparing these next to one another. looking at posibly up grading my amps to make my C5 sing there hearts out. Basically looking at Mcintosh (MC402 or MC501), Krell (no idea of model - sugestions appreciated) or Pass X250.5.

Are the Mcintosh class A?

Will purchase second hand which ever way I go.

Pass and Dynaudio are a well known match.

Pass Labs has used Dynaudio speakers at audio shows.

Silverline Audio voices their speakers with Pass Labs, and many Silverline Audio loudspeakers utilize Dynaudio drivers.

McIntosh are Class A/B.
I'm sure Pass sounds great with Dyns... but they are class A/B as well, after a couple of watts. I think after 15 watts on the 250 they are A/B
If your goal is to use class A power all the way, then look at the Pass XA series, not the X series. Pricier, but pure class A power all the way.

Thanks all.

How much better are the pass labs though? I can pick up pair of Mcintosh MC501 for a just bit more than the x250.5?


I'm surprised no one has said Krells?

>>I'm surprised no one has said Krells?<<

I'm not.
I've had some great McIntosh auditions lately... The MC402 + C2300 heard at Audio Lab, Harvard Square MA, made the Gallo 3.1 that I recently bought (still being delieverd, can't wait) come alive with amazing authority, dynamics and control. Very musical sound, and I really wish I had the $13k or so to afford the pair.

I haven't the new pass .5 series, but I think the McIntosh would match really well with Dynaudio. I used to own the S1.4s, so I'm pretty familliar with the Dyns. the response!

What about a Plinius Ref amp....never heard them but I can get them here (Australia) alot easier than Pass and Mcintosh. By all accountsd they mate well with the Dynaudios.

Well I don't know about Pass and Mac sstate but in my humble opinion regardless of preconcieved ideas lurking around here I think that the latest Krell EVO gear is outstanding. Very smooth and transparent with excellent musicality. I strongly prefer my Krell EVO 302 amp(list $10500) to the Dart amp now priced somewhere over 20k. I owned the Dart for about a year and I find that it exceeds the Krell in no area that I can find. Also had the Mac MC275. Simply not in the same league. As always your MMV. Until you've heard the latest Krell in your home you shouldn't comment.

Go with the 501's and never look back... I'm driving my Special 25's with the MC402 and it's a great combo at all sound levels.
You want your C5's to sing.

Atma-Sphere's MA-1 and M60s are a very good match with Dynaudio speakers.

4425 perhaps the extra watts per channel is what your speakers needed using the Krell 302 at 300 wpc into 8 ohms.
People are fools to buy Dartzeel when they could have a Krell 302 for less then half the price....

I'm using the Krell amp with Kharma 3.2's which most people not familiar with the latest Krell would think is a questionable match. It sounds really really good and I've owned an embarrassing amt. of gear over the years to include many big names. Consider that you can buy an as new Krell 402 on agon right now for under 8k. That's crazy imo.
Ive run Pass x.5 amp into my C4s and presently running a mc402 into them..The Mac falls short IMO compared to the Pass amp .The presentaion is darker and less detailed.I would step up to a x350.5 with your C5s
Anyone has tried Gryphon on C5 before? Heard the company develop their famous amp using c5 as a reference!
Make that "no disclaimer, Audiofeil?" :)
Audiofeil, you are a Pass Labs dealer, so you should not be criticizing Krell without disclosing that. If you continue to send me childish unpleasant personal emails, that will also reflect on your character, and you should not expect them to remain private.
I am not a Krell dealer, no financial interest in the line, and therefore no need to disclose my status as a tradesperson.

Wake up sleepy.
I really like both Pass and Krell. I agree that Krell stuff is much better than people bang on. I have never been impressed with McIntosh and actually cannot believe people actually buy the stuff. It sounds in my experiences no better than a receiver. Krell and Pass are my two favorite SS amps. Pass gets the nod for musicality and Krell the nod for bass extension, control and slam. Both are very musical and have amazing bass, just one beats the other slightly as mentioned. If you need power, try Krell, if you dont need as much try Pass. Both are outstanding.
Audiofeil, your response is disingenuous. Since this thread is comparing Krell with Pass among others, you clearly have a horse in this race. In your opinion, it's unethical to say good things about Pass without a disclosure, but OK to trash Krell?

Having made a career yourself impugning the character of others, you should know better.

Personally, I went with Pass, but Krell was a very close second, and I have not heard the new "e" line.
>>09-20-10: Auxetophone
it's unethical to say good things about Pass without a disclosure, but OK to trash Krell?<<

Hey Sleepy, if you re-read this thread carefully, you'll find I make no endorsement for Pass Labs as a company and/or their equipment.

I feel bad about your dyslexia though.