Krell , Martin Logans Mark Levinson?

Hello everyone. I just sold my levinson 335 and bought a krell fpb 200c and I have a question. I feel that all the cds I used before for testing my equipment dont sound as good but others I didnt use before do? Also I think my system can be a little smoother what do I do that wont put me in the poor house? I use a Krell FPB 200c A Mark Levinson 39 cd player running directly to my amp and a pair of Martin Logan Ascents and I use all Harmonic Technology cables. Iam starting to think it is the cables because I heard the krell in the store and it sounded great. So I use the levinson to smooth things over. Krells can get brite at times. I wonder if I made a mistake selling my baby(335) I love the 335 but I wanted to try something new? Should I be shot? Thank You
How have you been there Lev? This can't be happening, I must be reading the posts wrong. Someone stole you I.D.? Please tell me it aint so.... First the stock market crashes now this. You replaced your Levinson with Krell?I can't take much more of this. Ah, just kidding, Sure it's a great amp also. You just have to work out the whole synergy thing again. Pain in the ass. I Think you had these before so may not be your cup of tea.. But try some Transparent cables, at least the "Ultra" series for your level of equipment. Still waiting to find a used 380 local to me. Did find a #37 transport but I really want to hold out and replace my DVD player with the Proceed DVD/CD unit. Do you have the amp on a dedicated line? Could be a lot cheaper soution to look into also. Good luck with it.
Lev: Major homework ahead of you. I have the non cast version of this amp. From personal experience I'll warn you that the FPB 200 is very fussy about interconnects and speaker wires.

Skip lower end HT's, NBS, and Transparent. The AQ Python (bal) interconnect I settled on beat out 8 other contenders including more expensive Tranparent MW+, NBS King Serpent and Kimber 1130 (silver). Second best was another Kimber 1120 (copper) but I already use 1 pair in the system and 2 pairs seemed to emphasize the midrange slightly. Didn't get to try Cardas but they would have been my next option if the Python hadn't worked out.

I'm also breaking in new AQ Gibraltar speaker wires in place of some Kimber 8 TC. The AQ's have a smoother midrange than the 8 TC's but aren't the last word in detail, at least yet (less than 50 hours on them).

Happy Home Trials
No_money is right-on-the-money. Here you go again. All fun and games. I would suggest PAD and Tara. Another thing to consider is how long 200c was unused. After long periods (over 3 months), they need re-break-in. Last, but not least, if you can, run 39 thru a pre-amp (preferably a Krell). I will keep my 335 - I don't want to go thru this - yet.
If it ain't broke don't fix it. I made a similar mistake when I broke the synergy that I loved when I sold my KSA-300S to get a FPB-300 at Christmas time in 1999. I never had such a bad Christmas before especialy since I let it go for below market value. I quickly sold the FPB and bought another 300S in even better condition(if you use a magnifying glass) and have been living happily since. I am not saying this is your case, but I know it is nore than frustrating and some will argue. When you know it is right then just leave it alone and enjoy the music. I use a KRC-HR, KSA-300S, KPS-20i with B&W 801 III w/North Creek x-overs BTW. I also checked out the Nautilus but I ain't broke. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Thank you for your input eveyone. I had the all levinson system and it sounded better than anything I ever owned. Then you start reading and talking to people and I had some suggestions about replacing the 335 with a krell they said it would have a more exciting sound. And it does but I know I need to recables my system again. It was smoother with the 335 and thats why I say it is a cable thing. It took me a long time to find the proper cables for the Levinson system. So here I go again. Awe man! When you have something great you tend to take it for granted sometimes and now I have a footprint on my ass from kicking myself. I know that once I change my cables it will sound awesome. Thanks again. Dan
Lev335, you better change your ID to Krell300...just a bad joke. Krell1 is right on the money. If you're happy, keep it that way. I too have made mistakes in the past and very hard to correct. You gotta change this, then change that and that...and on and on till you get satisfied.

For me personally, I'd keep the Levinson.

Best of luck. You might hit the bulls eye the first time though. No one knows.
lev335 - Holy Cow. I can't believe you sold your 335 for a Krell!!! After all those postings about your love for the 335. I never trust what I hear in the store, because you have no idea how that relates to the hundred variables different at home. When I bought my Pass Labs amp, I had both amps for two months before selling my old ML 331. I have heard that some of the Krell amps are harsh sounding. Good luck in your quest......
Dan, I forgot to list that I am using Purist Audio Design Proteous cables through out my entire system (above). I have also been told to try or go with Transparent or MIT. I have not really heard of anyone using this combination which I have ran a post on before also. I love the sound and could not expect much more from it and I hate to repeat that "if it ain't broke......". I do favor dynamics and immediacy with good tonality and it does seem to have that. You need to evaluate it and know how much more money you are willing to part with too. You might decide to return to that familiar safe haven (Mark Levinson) and not more sorrow (cables, pre amp, CD transport, etc.).
We bought a Krell once, classifieds here on Audiogon, got it home, it was so harsh, so...not the mellow smoothness that we were used to. It was a beast and very cool to look at as well.
We sold it the next week and started a year and half long journey where we ended up with Wolcott Presence Tube Amps driving our Innersound EROS. It was a very cool ride.
Lev, congrats on your purchase of the Krell. Give it time before you make any hasty decisions. These monsters need a good 30 days of constant signal to break in. A full 90 days to hear 100%. MIT and trtansparents seem to be the best fit in my system.(krell 300,Lev 36,ARC ref2,Thiel CS6) Upgrading is what this hobby is all about. You can always go back to what you had, just give it time. P.S. why didnt you audition it in your system first?......good luck! Vader
I sold my 5 channel B&K 200 watt amp for a Krell KAV 1500 (also 5 channel but 300 watts) which was a big price leap. I started thinking I was crazy because I found the Krell was harsh and did not have the warmth of the B&K. I have Martin Login Odessey front speakers. I started tweaking with cables and got closer to what I wanted with Nordost Quattro fil but had no doubt when I audtioned the Transparent Reference cables. I put Transparent throughout my system. Then at about 200 hours into burn-in, my Krell nearly caught on fire, it was smoking! Krell support is incredible and came through with a drop shipment exchange with a brand new amp. They are a great company, to say the least! Anyway, now I'm back to the harsh, dark sound again. I can only attribute this to the long break-in period this amp obviously requires. So, bottom line, tweak with cables but perhaps just be patient until you've racked up about 200-300 hours on that thing. It is well worth the wait. Good Luck!
I have a Krell 200 (not the “C”)and I understand your issue. The Krell drives my Thiels great but can be harsh in the middle ranges, at least for my taste. I solved my problem by using an AE-3 tube line level pre amp. It was relatively inexpensive and sounds better every hour it’s on. Audition a tube pre amp, it may be worth your time. For me the combination of a SS amp and tubes in the front-end path is very satisfying. Good Luck..
Dan, I have a Theta David transport, Krell AV Standard, Krell FBP300, Thiel CS6 set up. I have been really impressed with Synergistic Research Designer's Reference interconnects throughout (I am using active shielding). I agree that you may never get the smoothest, most liquid sound. However, if you want impressive dynamics, speed, and slam, you can't go wrong with the amp. The SR cables added so much depth to the soundstage, I was hooked from day one. Of course, others here have said the same about the incredible soundstaging. Good luck!