Krell, Mark Levinson Jeff Rowland

Every company has their own idea of how their products should sound.
What are the characteristics (sound qualities) of the power amplifiers from these three marques.
Generally, people use terms like Bright and Analytical (Krell), Tubelike (Rowland) and Levinson (Warm, perhaps in between the Krell and Rowland. I'm sure that may people will jump into the fray here, so I'll be brief
I have owned Krell seperates and an integrated. They are dynamic and very impressive with certain music. When they sound right, they sound great. BUT, they can be very harsh, aggressive and bright with classical, especially stings and horns, and acoustic music.

I now own a Rowland Concentra II. It gives up a little dynamically, but overall is sweet sounding, tranparent and musical. I can listen to much more of my cd collection. The truth is, I have owned ten amps, I counted, in the last two years, and the Rowland is here to stay. It doesn't blow me away, but rather holds my interest, draws me into the music with it's subtle, yet very present, inner detail and incredible soundstage.