Krell LAT 1000 with tubes

I am considering using my Krell Lat 1000 speakers with tube amplifiers. So far I have only found people using them with Krell systems. Any input from people having heard the LAT 1000s in non Krell systems would be much appreciated.
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Hmm... Honestly, tube amps will have pretty hard time driving LAT-1000s. Lowest point in LAT-1000 impedance curve is around 2ohms(!!) in bass region, this will rull out most of the tube amps.
BTW, LAT-1000 nominal impedance is 3ohms...
But, if you still decide to drive them with tube amp then there are only few of them on the market that are powerfull and capable to drive tough loads:
-Audio Research Reference 610T(they are powerfull enough)
-CAT JL3 Signature
-VTL Siegfried's

Forget about OTLs, low power tubes or SE tubes. They are not capable to drive LAT-1000.
I have already measured the impedance of the LAT-1000s and found a really low value : 2.1 ohm at 1500 Hz and 3.3 ohm between 80 and 100 Hz. But from my experience sometimes
impedance and efficiency are not everything when driving a speaker - some 300W solid state amplifiers with plenty of current were not able to drive a well known terrible load , the Sonus Faber Extrema, and I heard them playing loud and clear with some 50 Watt tube amplifiers!
I have read the ASR emitter exclusive reviews, it seems a good electrical match but unhappily there is no shop having it in my country.
Do you know of any ful review of the LAT 1000s? I can not understand why such a good speaker is ignored by the high end press.
I fully agree with you regarding ignorance of audio press about LAT-1000s. They are together with Avalon Isis my current favorites!
LAT-1000 was reviewed by Japanese Stereo with excellent resluts! AFAIK A.H.Cordesman of TAS and Audiophile Voice is currently having LAT-1000s and review will be issued in few months.
After several unsuccessful tries to match my LAT 1000s with tube amplifiers I found a fantastic match - the ASR Emitter II exclusive blue. This amplifier controls perfectly these fantastic speakers with a sense of power, lushness and presence that I never heard from them except with the Evolution top series.
The ASR has been playing continuously now for 180 hours, and shares little resemblance with the first days sound. Inner detail and musicality of this system are easily the best I ever had in my listening room, coupled with a sensation of physical presence and power. May be it is a question of weight synergy - each LAT1000 is 130kg and the ful ASR system weights also 130kg!
I am currently using them with an ARC CD7 and Transparent Reference cables.
Just to remember that the LAT1000 review by AH Cordesman is freely available at the TAS site.
I'm hoping this threat hasn't become so old it's no longer monitored.  I have a follow up question.  I have a pair of Lat 1000's and am looking for the perfect amp to drive them.  I've narrowed the field to the Krell Evolution One's, the ASR Emitter II Exclusive (Blue) (which I located thanks to the sage advice on this thread), or MSB M203's. What amp would you chose today from these three or any others if you were in my situation?  Do you still own the Lat 1000's, and if so what are you using to drive them?  Really appreciate any feedback.  Best, JS 
I have Lat 1s and found Evo 600s sound far better than the Evo one. The Evo 900s would be excellent also. The Evo one does look cooler but lacks the power and superior sonic signature.