Krell KST-100

I can't seem to find many users ... am told this was a "Class A/B version" of the KSA-100. Have a chance to procure one, it's running in the system now. The right bass and slam, but maybe I'm missing some soundstage width and treble detail compared with my Odyssey Stratos ... They're driving a pair of Maggies 1.7 with a Linn Majik DS driving the amp directly ...

Appreciate some thoughts on your experiences with this Krell, if any ...
Solid state amps have come a long way since the KSA series. If you want to keep it as your main amp, you are going to have to live with its limitations. You can try using other components that are known to be strong in the image/soundstage department, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes when you have a restrictive component in certain areas, it doesn't allow other components to do their job either.

A good example is my old Rowland 112. It has no depth. Nothing at all; its completely flat. I've tried all different kinds of components but I always get the same result, no depth. The odd thing is that I've spoken to other people who have the same amp and some of them have the same exact problem I have, and some don't. They have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention it.

I hope that helps some.
LOL, The KSA series amplifiers were and still are some of the best amplifiers ever made. The KST-100 was a lower priced product and is not a KSA-100 in AB.

There are many things to consider when setting up a system. I don't think you can point at any one item and give it total credit or total blame for the way a system sounds.
I've had a Krell KST 100 in my system for 10 years with a YBA preamp and they work well together. The amp was a freebie from my cousin, he replaced the caps and handed it off to me. It isn't the last word in detail but unlike your Maggies my Vandersteens aren't either. I'm in a smaller listening area of a bigger room, speaker are on the long wall and I sit only 6-7 feet from the speakers. The amp is always in class A, I can't push it too hard with the neighbors. For what is it's a nice amp but within the expectations of a 20+ year old amp.
"It isn't the last word in detail but unlike your Maggies my Vandersteens aren't either."

Is live music the last word in detail?

All I hear is detail and transparency. What about pace, timing, timbre and musical involvement? Has listening to stereo equipment become nothing more than an analitical experience?
I didn't realize I may have made a mistake until I saw Rrog's post. All my comments were about the KSA series. I didn't realize we were also talking about KST as well. I don't remember listening to the KST's so I can't comment on them.