Krell KSL-2 any good?

I have a chance to purchase a krell KSL-2 with mm/mc phono board for 1000.00. I am currently useing a tube pre w/phono, sunfire amp, VMPS ST R speakers. I do not like the noise my current Juicy Music Blueberry pre amp has in the phono stage. Is the old Krell a good sounding/low noise pre for the money? Thanks, Rob
KSL-2, or KRC-2? The Krc is a lot newer and better. The KSL series is about ten years old. $1000 for a KSL sounds real high, but that is a good price for a KRC-2.
The price is too high.
It is a fair preamp. It is the same as the original KSL except for the front panel.

In my experience (and I had one), it is bettered by all the other Krell preamps.

For that price you can get the KBL (without the phono), which is a much, much better preamp (and I've owned one).

Hello WHy would you put that this is the preamps fault ,9 out of 10 times it is one of the tubes ,did you change them out first? I have 2 of these amps and both are excellent , you should try to figure things out before bad mouthing a quality product, thank about it .
>>bad mouthing a quality product...
What is wrong with you? Radiob just asked a second opinion. KRELL's fans may like KRELL's cool design more than its sounding. I have KSA 80b power amplifier. It produces a horrible sound. The bass is too soft and vocal voice is not clear. However, I still keep it because of its cool design. So, am I bad mouthing...LOL