Krell KSA80B with Sonus Faber Concerto Home....

Would it be a good match? pre sonic frontiers SFL-1.
Which one you have already? I gues the Krell, reading your earlier threads. If yes, I would think twice before buying SF concerto home. I have heard it with various amplifaction (MF Trivista, Krell KAV pre-power combo, MF 308) and I was not at all impressed with it. It has a strange coloration. But your mileage might be different.

I got the krell. since you're not recommended SF, what do you have in mind?

I have used the Concerto Home with Great success when paired with the matching adjustable stands. They do like power and shine when set up properly. I would also suggest that you check out the new Concerto Domus which is a 2 way front ported floor stander. Should sound nice..

Good Luck.