Krell KSA200s bi-wire vs. 2 Yamaha MX1000 bi-amp

Driving Martin & Logan SL3s (love 'em) with two Yamaha MX-1000s (265wpc RMS 8 ohms, class A to ~30 watts before AB switchover). Vertical bi-amp config spec'd to deliver ~1500 watts peak total into 4 ohms.

I'm thinking of selling the Yami's and changing ($1000 to $1500 upgrade on used market) to a single Krell KSA 200s (class A to 200 wpc RMS 8 ohms) and simply bi-wiring.

Opinions on what I'll find and whether it might be worth it?
I am a big believer in Krell, and thusly believe you would be better with the Krell.

If you are actively bi-amping, my answer might be different.

I would, if you can afford it, see if you could swing for the FPB series. The FPB's are much smoother on the top end.

I use to use the KSA300S to drive my B&W800s then changed briefly to the FPB300. WOW, what a difference. I now use the FPB to drive the mid/highs and the KSA to drive the bass via the Krell KBX electronic crossover. The total improvement although very expensive upgrade, was worth ever penny and then some.

Good luck.
The power rating difference between the two amps will probably seem like a misprint were you to go with the Krell KSA 200s. I had an amp rated the same as my Krell but there was no comparison between the two in the real world. Krell amps have more guts than other amps rated at the same power output. I have the FPB series and think they sound great.
Yamaha amps are wimpy. No dynamics and are 2 dimensional at best. The Krell will have more bass control and present a very good rendition of a soundstage and musical contrasts.
I don't agree about the Yamaha amps being wimpy. Before selling your Yamaha's, try to do an in house demo of both amps. Also, Krell's sound is too harsh to me and I have heard Krell setup with a set of ML speakers and they did not do justice to the speakers. The dealer then hooked up Mcintosh source gear and the ML speakers sounded much better. Check out other amps like Classe, Plinius, and Mcintosh before making a decision.
I think your wasting your money. You won't hear a difference that's worth the cost, stick with the Yamaha's.