Krell KSA150 or Aragon8008BB

I can get these amps for about the same price used any one ever compared these. I have snell C V speakers, CJ PF 2 pre ,Theta Pro Basic 3a.
KSA150 is definitely superior. The 8008BB has a wider and deeper soundstage but the KSA150 is more musical and voices have far more presence. The Krell also has more solid, better controlled bass.
I totaly dissagree.The Aragon is by far fuller and has a much smoother high end.As for build,they are both equal.I have owned plenty of Krell,and now own Palladiums and have never looked back.Both companies have execllent customer support.And if you get the Krell make sure to get the original receipt otherwise they will NOT honor the warantee.
The KSA-150 has long been discontinued. What warranty ?
I'd use the KSA-150 first! Detail and Imaging were excellent when I had it paired up with Snell C-IV's a few years ago. Bottom end control is awesome and very well defined. Snell's can get a little loose down low and the Krell brought it right into focus. Your CJ pre should soften up the upper octaves with the Snell's......Best of all the Resale on a KSA-150 should be better than the Aragon 8008BB if you don't like the match...(In fact let me know if you don't buy the Krell and how much they want for it. That's how much I like mine, I'll add a second one to the mix!)
I got a 4 year old Krell fpb 200 over the internet. A few months later it started to smoke and quit. I called Krell and told them how I ended up with the amp.and gave them the serial number. They gave me an RA number and off it went. I called two weeks later to find out how much it was going to cost. Krell said no cost it's under warranty. The only cost to me was shipping one way.
Thanks for the info i think ill try the KSA 150!
the krell is alot better. good choice.