Krell KSA100 Mk. II

I just bought one of these original monster Krell amps, which looks and feels like it was built by the military! I've contacted Krell and aside from them telling me it was essentially built by hand in those days, they didn't have much info. or specs on this amp. I know its 100 watts of pure classe A power and sounds great driving my Thiels. Anyone else have any experience or opinions regarding this amp?
I think they are great amps. Pure class A, unlike the current models, and they will drive any speaker. You might want to replace the electrolytic capacitors, because they are at least 20 years old and exist in a high thermal environment. I have been a tube guy exclusively for the last 35 years, but if I had a speaker that demanded solid state current, one of the Krells from that vintage would be high on my list.
I use to sell these, they were exceptional for the time and will still sound good in the right system. Much more reliable then the mono 100s, which were prone to blow up. I had a pair as personal amps and they went twice in a year and a half.