Krell Ksa power amps

Please keep in mind when purchasing Ksa amps by krell that you need to be replacing the capacitors on the input boards and quite possably the filter caps. There is no execption because of age and heat generated by these units. So if this has not been done prepare for 400.00 plus shipping. Call krell service If you dont belive me. Also never ship these amps without the factory box and packaging. Ive owne 4 of the big krells. They are the best!! any questions
How often?
I had mine in for service about 3 years ago. It gets very light use. (only used a few hours a week and is just used to power my bass. I use the FPB to power the rest.)

Thanks for the "heads-up".
Good post!
Anyone considering a used solidstate amp should keep this in mind. Im sure recapping applies to other brands of amps as well. Naim, for instance, recommends recapping every 10 years.
I had mine in about a year ago, Hiend is very close on the price. It cost me $409..Krell told me I would be good for about 10 years. I thought the price was more than fair, it was the shipping ($155) each way that was killer.

I wanted to send my KSA250(11years) to Krell but could not get the boxes. Any leads anyone??? I wrote to Krell and they put me in touch with their agent in Hong Kong but not much help. IMO 400/- is more than decent!!!!
Oh and my I say that when that came back fron the factory it was pristine sounding. When I sent it in it was starting to leak a bit of DC at turn off wouldnt turn off cleanly like new It would kind of thump.When It was returned it was like Brand new!. I thought I knew it all when shipping it in I made a Huge double box box Strong padding then anothr box strong padding. Good ol Fedex ground slammed it 3 times Bending the rear heatsink scratched the front panel and the amp was out of square! Krell can remachine the front panel for 100.00 the heatsink was 250.00(!) and new frame another 200.00. (If you have a scratchrd front take it off send it to them alone). Anyway I had a 1200.00 #$%^ing repair bill.Ksa250. Fedex wanted to send it to thier service center to be looked at. Krell wouldnt let them and made them send an independant claime service to evaluate the unit at krell shop. ( MTI Service ) They paid the claim for damage. Are you sure krell dosent have a box? They charged me 100.00
Boy oh boy...this is crazy?!@!@!? What a marketing blunder this is! I was actually considering the possibility of the Krell KSA series, but with this warning....I must rethink.
Krell provides the BEST service that I have ever encountered!

They have always told me NOT to use UPS!

Always use bax global air frieght when possible smooth fast cheap