Krell KSA 50 vs. todays ss amps?

I have never heard a KSA50 but they get great press. Has anyone who has heard one compared it to say the Halcro( which also seems to get great press) or to any of todays ss amps, like Edge or Mark L etc.
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My recollection is that the Mk II had some changes made to it to make it more stable--I think if you shot an e-mail or made a call to Krell they could probably tell you pretty quickly.
Trust me....You want a MKII model.... The difference between the threshold and the KSA-50 might be as simple as you can still get the KSA-50 repaired. I dont know if Threshold is still around, or if they would have replacement parts. The Sony V-fet amps are great amps, but try to find a replacement output transistor for them. You are out of luck.

That is the beauty of buying an older Krell or Levinson.
I owned a Krell KSA 50 in the early 90's, bought used from Walt Bender's AudioMart. Sorry to hear about Walt's passing - may he rest in peace.

The KSA 50's circuit toplogy is a simple layout which incorporates excellent quality components.

It's sound is neutral in that it doesn't seem to add anything to the music. Live radio broadcasts played through the Krell and a Levinson ML-6A preamp, via some of the tuners I owned back then, including Marantz 10B, Day Sequerra Studio and Naim NAT 01, were absolutely stunning.

As good as anything I have heard from master tape or LP.

The Krell was one of those special audio components that really stands out in this hobby, and still rivals the best amplifiers ever made.

You may get amp's that are more powerful, but few that sound any better.

Moreover, while the Krell KSA 50 is one of the best sounding solid state amp's ever made, it doesn't have the lush midrange of good tube amplifier.

For example, my Quicksilver 25 watt monoblocks have a better midrange in this respect, while lacking the overall dynamics of the Krell KSA 50.

I have never found a solid state amp regardless of price, that can match the lush midrange of a good tube amp.

The KSA 50 is one of the few pieces of gear that actually approaches this type of midrange, along with other amps of the era such as the Classe DR-2, DR-3, Bedini 25, and Electrocompaniet 25 and series II amplifiers - each of which has established a loyal and cult-like following.

In retrospect, having owned each of the above, I actually regretted having the KSA 50 and an old Classe DR-3 VHC pure Class A bias amp from the early 1980's the most.

The DR-3 VHC was assembled like a fine Swiss Watch, that to this day easily ranks as one of the best sounding amplifiers this author has ever heard - (albeit a bit dark) - regardless of price.

As for the KSA 50, several audio reviewers had opined at the time this amp was first offered, that the KSA 50 would become a classic, and it certainly has done so.

The challenge nowadays is finding an owner who'll part with their KSA 50.