KRELL KSA 300S But no dedicated line as of yet

Well I went with the one lrage power supply better than two amps bridged and save money not geting more cables too. Is there any one using a regular circuit for this kind of power and doing ok with that.
Most Krell folks (I so=ld them for 6 years '96-2001) say if your home owner get a dedicated20 amp line installed into house not a power generator.Good Hubbel Hospital grad outlets (PS are good but perhaps not worth i),One brand that can use cheap power chord and not need pricey ones.Just get a electrician and a Blekin PC.Not sure if you know this but you have the only amp series made by Krell to go stable into 1 ohm meaning you could use Appogee's or other really demanding speakers and double for each halfing of load to 2,400 into 1 ohm.I have one and will regret selling it if I go with a power hungry swap out (now using tubes and horns) .Bought and sold tons of stuff bu only true regret was a Mesa 120/90/60 watt pentode/triode with 12 tubes that could be swapped on the fly.This might be my other regret if I get a current hungry speaker again.