krell ksa-250- vs ksa-200s vs fpb-200

looking to go to a krell amp as I feel it best suites my musical tastes and system set up, all 3 of these amps are in my price range and looking for any one who can tell me what will have the best longevity ease of use and overall sound quality.
Thank You
Older Krell amps are not cheap to repair or recap. A tech friend has be given a couple by owners who didn't want to spend the money on them; so far he hasn't either. HIFICRITIC has teated a number of them, here is their rating; see their web site for info on their rating scale.

Krell Evolution 402 75
Krell Evolution 402 late series (2008) 120
Krell FPB 650m 55
Krell FPB300 (original) 33
Krell FPB300 Mk2 39
Krell FPB 400 65
Krell FPB700cx 100
Krell KMA 100 II 14
Krell KSA 100s 21
Krell KSA 80 17.5
Krell MDA 300 23
Krell KSA200s 19.5
Krell KST power 19.5
Krell KAS-2 30
Krell Evolution One 130
Krell FPB600 45
Krell KSA150B 20
Krell KSA 50 9.7
Krell KMA 160 21
Krell FPB 400cx 75
Krell KAS 2 31
I would wonder how those numbers were arrived at.The FPB might sound a bit more refined but what speakers you need would also determine things.If you think you ever might get some really low impedance loads the KSA series was only one to ever remain stable into 1 ohm constant.That means my KSA300S can put out a whopping 2,400 @ 1 ohm.With Vanderteen's,Sonus Faber,Apogee's (but not Maggie bad match) etc this could come into play on the low impedance dips so amp does not shut down or clip.but it's also not power.,The 50 watt KSA is a cult amp that put zKrell on the map and is still one of Harry's faves.
thanks guys, Im running monitor audio gold reference 60s with Audio Research ls16 pre, not the hardest speaker to drive but I like to rock out and want great control with slamming sound at high spl. I mainly listen to alt rock, 80's industrial and classic rock. By ease of use I mean doesnt sound best after being on for 2 hours. I usually leave my amps on 24/7 but doubt I would want to do so with something like the ksa-250 that draws 1kw at idle and turning on 2 hours before listening is not practicle for me. Thanks
I guess really im just looking for the sound characteristics as compared to each other and which one is going to give me a big rock concert soundstage, right now I'm leaning towards the fpb200 as i read that it has the fullest sound and shares some technologies of the other two amps, but thats based on what bits of information ive scrounged off the internet so I am open to some real world feedback
I have heard both the FPB200 and KSA200s in other systems and the FPB200 in my system a few yrs ago. I loved the FPB in my system to be quite honest. Very smooth and dynamic. It had very good bass but I don't think it had the bass the KSA series has. The FPB sounded more refined than the 200s from what I remember in my buddies system. He preferred the 200s because he thought it sounded more open and powerful but that was in his system. He likes a more detailed sound so I guess it depends on what your looking for and the speakers you have. If I were to pick one or the other I would choose the FPB200 but I like a little more refined sound because I listen to dynamic types of music.
I was one of the original Krell dealers and had KSA 50s, KSA 100s and KMA 100s. They were great amps in their day but that day has passed. Current top A/B amps sound great and can be left on 24/7; I do that with my CJ 350. If I wanted power and bass with a more refined top than the mentioned Krells in that price range I would get one of the big Musical Fidelity integrated amps. They weigh about 100 lbs with separate power supplies and have 350-550 watts depending on model. My NuVista M3, the smallest one, blew away a Mac 402 with matching pre so badly that the owner sold it the next week; this driving Wilson Sasha, which are a difficult load.