Krell KSA 250 vs Krell MDA 300

I considering purchasing one of these amps. Which is the better amp bass, mids, treble? I'm sure there are some Krell guys outthere.
15 years ago I tried out the MDA 300 in my setup and
it does not sang at all. By that time my regular amp was
the KSA 80B and the KSA 80B was far more involving, clean, fast and rythmic. The MDA 300 sounded dull and slow and
the bass was very VERY poor compared to the KSA 80B.
I tought this was a bit strange so I droove the MDA 300
to a friend who by that time had the JRDG modell 7 and
compared. The same sound from MDA 300 in his setup. My dealer got the MDA 300 back at once. Maybe the KSA 250 is a better amp.....
Cant compare the two. But I owned the KSA-250 it was a great Amp.
Had to have it fixed though by Krell.
Most Krells of this vintage should have seen some recent repair time at Krell, if not better figure that into the cost.
About $500 including shipping.
I am a KSA/KMA fan and I think these older Krells are superb. Very-very fast with huge dynamics and expansive soundstages. It's funny, years ago, while wearing SET goggles, I scoffed at Krell. Nowadays, with more need for power and slam I find myself drawn to these grand old behemoths.

The MDA-300s are amazing amps if you can foot the electric bill! They run HOT. Their bass and high response is unparalleled. I drove these amps also with test square waveforms and the results were phenomenal down to 2 ohms. If the MDA-300s have never been serviced then they must be sent to Krell (or to, which is cheaper and as good service by an ex-Krell service engineer) so that several capacitors be replaced asap. The caps WILL blow up eventually if they are not replaced.