Krell KSA-250 Power Amp Internal Fuse

I am just about to move back to the USA after a 3 year posting to Europe. I know how to switch the KSA-250 back to 110V operation, from 220V in Europe. Is it necessary to replace the internal fuse in the KSA-250 when I do this? I can't read the rating on the fuse, so I am not sure.

The fuse rating for 110V is usually twice that of 220V since the current draw @ 110 will is twice. If you don't change the fuse, it may prematurely blow if you play at loud volume but it won't harm the amp.

There are no fuses in the Ksa-250, the AC line fuse is on the back of the amp.

I cant help you with your question, but I am very interested in what you did to convert the KSA 250 from 110 V to 220 V.

Can you tell me how you did it ?

Did you disregard the 50 to 60 hz difference ? Had you any proplem with the operation in 220 ?

Thank you for your answer