Krell KSA 200B and Musical fidelity F22????

Hi Folks,

Krell KSA 200B and Musical fidelity F22…Will it work???…Good combination?????

I’m looking to buy a KSA 200B to power my B&W 801 matrix series lll speakers, I’ve got a Musical fidelity F22 hybrid pre amp which has a valve output stage….will this pre work with the KSA 200B? if so prior to using a tube preamp do I have to activate the coupling capacitors, is this a requirement for the KSA 200B?.

Also what do I need to look out for when I audition the KSA 200B to ensure I get a well-maintained amp?

Any advise, comments will be much appreciated.

My thanks in advance.

Danny Sangha

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When I was a Krell dealer in the 80s I often used a hybrid preamp with KMA 100 and KSA 100 and others of that era. Given a properly designed and operating preamp it is hard to see any trouble. Krell's reluctance to recommend tube units apparently stemmed from the DC leakage problem mentioned earlier.