Krell KSA-200 Problems, Caps Etc.

Hi there I just bought a Krell KSA-200 and it needs to be fixed. It is making cap noise and the heatsinks are much hotter on the left side than the right. Also the middle right heatsink is just a bit hotter than the outer right heatsinks.

The heatsinks arent purple so it hasnt been over heated. The amp had been sitting for a few years and was just turned on. The problem could have been before or after he had turned it on recently.

I want to keep this amp, Fix it and make it close to new. It should be less than the cost of my current amps and should be a very nice upgrade to power my new wilson sophias.

Does anyone know any typical standard issues that these original KSA Amps have? These were the one before the S series.


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Some Krell amps generate a lot of heat. Given it's age, heat generated, and the fact that it has not been used in 2 years, (bad for filter caps), it's a sure sign it's time. It is typical for both SS and tube amps to need new caps after 15-20 years. You may have accelerated the process by leaving it off.
Yap, that is why I stay away from older krell, the heat.
Sounds like a turkey to me!!
Older Krell's have these brown electrolytic capacitors on the mother board and the mute relay board and they go bad. They will need to be replaced. The main filter caps might still be ok.
time for a recap, or at least meas for any AC voltage on the main PS caps.

sounds like a bias setting is in order too.