Krell KSA-150 vs. Simaudio W-3... + ??? pre-amp

After looking at some choices for new integrated amps, I decieded to look at used separates that go for around the same price together. I have liked the Krell KSA series since it came out, but I have recently discovered Simaudio. From what I have read it would seem that the Simaudio is a bit more refined and has a warmer sound. Does anyone have addional thoughts on this. The Krell KSA-150 and the Simaudio W-3 are about the same price used.

Also, what would be a good solid state (for reliability) pre-amp that I could find used for $1000 or less. The only one I am considering at the moment is the Acoustic Research LS-9, but I need some more suggestions. I do not have much experience in this area.

What would a tube pre-amp do for this system; a tube pre-amp with a solid state amp? What are the reliability concerns that deal with buying tubes used?

Please look at my other recent post for a description of my musical tastes and situation.

I forgot to mention that any pre-amp I choose must have a remote control for the volume.
I can't really tell you which amp you would like better, I would point out that both amps may be a great match for a passive pre. I have the big brother to the ksa-150 and use a Bent audio passive transformer volume control, this works great and is far beyond any active pre-amp in your price range sound as far as sound quality goes. The Bent TVC also has balanced input and output at no extra cost if that would mean anything to you. The other passive you may want to check out in your price range is the Placette audio passive for around the same price as the Bent unit, both units would far exceed an active IMHO, in your price range.
I personally believe the Krell is much superior to the Simaudio. Due to it's pure Class A topology it is a much faster amp. True the Simaudio is a bit warmer but a good tube preamp would warm up the KRELL sound. Tube preamps do not have the maintenance costs of tube amps - tube replacement is less frequent and much less expensive than power tubes. I ran Krell KMA-100's with an Audio Research LS15(w remote) with great results. You may be able to pick up an AR LS15 w/remote for $1000 - they go for $1350 mint - ones with a bit of cosmetic flaws could be found within your budget. BTW I still have my LS15 and am very happy with it - it is now paired with a Rowland amp - very synergistic combination.
Go with the Sim Audio.