Krell KSA 150 vs. Classe` CT 2300

anyone with knowledge of the advantages of which is sonically purist...i can either send my Krells in for revamping or put my money into the Classe`s...Class A design or the push/pull...

thanks in advance.

The KSA 150 is a great amp but not knowing what speakers and your objectives are I do not know how much feedback you will get on this thread.
i have the JBL 4350 speakers, horns on top end, and Dragon Audioquest (silver), tri amped with the KSA 150 and Xover is the Krell KBL...i am using a Classe` CP-700 preamp (i wonder if the Pass labs X-20 would have been a better choice) and am expecting the Classe` CDP-202 CD player...
i had to canablize my system (done here) and was Most happy with my Wadia 7 & 9 setup...oh yeah, i got my silver interconnects through Krell...THANK YOU for any guidance
I had a friend who had a set of JBL 4350. Those are some big speakers! The AQ Dragons are very good. I think I would try other amps other than the Krell with the JBL 4350s. I am willing to bet your system is very revealing on the top end and probably has a sound more towards high frequencies. I would try some tubes and or low wattage solid state. My friend drove his JBL 4350s with early Pass Labs Aleph L pre-amp and 4 mono low powered Pass power amps with very good results. I cannot remember the model of the power amps. He also had used tubes stuff from time to time which also had good results. He did try my old Krell KSA 80B and that was not good match for the JBL 4350s the sound was hard and schril.
Thanks for your input Tsh.

maybe the reason i have not experience any listening fatigue is that i have seperate Isolation transformers on each piece piece of equipment, grounding rods used in a circular arrangements. Coupled with a whole house Line Filter/lightning arrester. i further break the room standing waves with Cassablanca fans [cool ;~) ]

would the Classe` CT 2300 be a step up in purity or not, the Krell being Class A (no pun intended) a triamp config.?