Krell Krs 1 balanced : phono section

I own a Krs 1 balanced and I recently bought a turntable with mm cartridge . Does this preamp accept the mm cartridge?  There are 8 switchs to select the impedence but I don't see any switch mm / mc ??

this switch exists in the KRS2 model 

thank you for you information 
It says in your owners' manual, that the unit was designed for moving coil (low output) cartridges.  You might try a high level input (CD, etc).  Your volume control will need to change, but that isn't an issue for the unit.
Thank you for your answer. Unfortunatly I don't have the user manual and Krell doesn't have it  anymore. Thank you to send me a copy il you have one. 

You are right, I tried with my mm cartridge and the sound is too  loud. I have to find a decent mc cartridge so.