Krell KRC phonocard or stand alone phonoamp?

I have the choice of retrofitting my Krell KRC preamp (6 years old) with a reference or standard phonocard OR get a standalone phonoamp. I have a Pink Triangle turntable and Lyra Clavis moving coil cartridge. Can I get an excellent phonoamp for $600 to $1000?
If you are satisfied with your preamp, then get the card. If you are thinking of changing the preamp, then an outboard phono section may be the better choice. The EAR 834 is a nice one, and there are several others under $1k that are good too. Buying used will open up your choices even further.
I am a big Krell fan.

I would first sell the KRC. Then I would buy the KRC-HR! There is a world of difference.

Then I would follow the advice of Twl.