I'm searching for a Krell KRC-HR, but in the absence of a unit for sale in Europe, I'm inclined to buy a KRC instead. Do you guys believe I'll be making a good upgrade of my KRC3?

Thanks to anyone that might help me.
The KRC was a superior preamp to the KRC3. I preferred the KRC to the HR in my system as it was slightly warmer.

Hi Quintao,

I concur with Mick, and chose the KRC. When I was shopping for an "HR", I read several responses in favor of the KRC sounding warmer and otherwise.
Hi Metro04

Yeah goes to show that newer ain't necessarily better and that it is all system and taste dependent. I actually preferred it to a KCT as well which was more revealing of bad recordings. The KRC is the warmer sounding of the 3. Haven't heard the new Evolution ones but they cost a bomb and I fear diminishing marginal returns tend to set in here.

Never heard the "KCT" or "Evolution" preamps since the upgrade. The "KRC" replaced my "KBL", and feeds an older "KSA-250". Still need to retain that amp for driving 1 ohm Apogee Scintillas. Just the idea of not having to lift my ass off the couch (remote), almost made the sale, itself!

I, too, acknowledge the dimishing return limits, but it's a constant battle fighting the upgrade temptation.

Auditioned the KRC, and KRC-HR in my system and also preferred the KRC, though at the time I assumed the HR was just more neutral and revealing flaws in my setup. Regardless, I ended up purchasing the KRC-3 because it far excelled over anything else I auditioned around its price or less and, unlike the others, the KRC-3 was good enough.
IMO, compared to the KRC, the KRC-3 is not as smooth, and does not image or soundstage as well.
Well, thank you so much guys, but I have to purchase my new preamp in the dark. And I'm given the oportunity of going for the KRC-HR for the same price of the KRC. So I'll guess I'll try the first, for it is also a better deal.