Krell KRC-HR and Marantz TT15S1


I have a Krell KRC HR preamplifier with built in KPE Standard phono board. This can accept both MM and MC cartridges. I also have a Marantz TT15S1 turntable equipped with a MM cartridge.

My question is ...

What internal setting should I put the KPE on to make it work correctly with the MM cartridge. I know Krell basically has one setting that works for this type of cartridge where a MC cartridge has multiple settings available.



I know MM must be selected on the MM/MC switch bank for starters. But how about the load setting switch bank? What value should be selected? 

I've set the loading to 47k ohms but it sounds very weak in terms of musical depth and clarity. I know MM doesn't have nearly as much gain as MC so you have to crank the volume quiet a bit. But it's also the only setting that works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

I just bought Klyne 7 PX 3.5  which has not separate inputs for MM

and MC carts. But there are two ''banks'' with switches one of which

is for the amplification (36, 50 and 63 dB) and the other for impedances

 and ''frequency  contour'' by which one can select 47Kohm for either

the MM as well the MC carts. What we think off as MM phono-pre can

be adjusted  or sellected by chosing for 47 K ohm impedance and 36 dB amplification. So just one (pair) of input and outpur connectors is  sufficient.