Krell KRC-3 vs. Pass Aleph P

I've recently purchased a used Innersound Eros 2, and am driving the top panels with a Parasound HCA 2200 ll.I sold an integrated I had, and am looking for a preamp.I love the sound of tubes, but had a VTL 2.5 in the system and thought that the bass was a bit loose.I was also considering a Rogue 66. I noticed that the Krell and Pass can be had for a reasonable price. I like the tube high end, but (being a bass player for a living) need the bass impact and definition.I'm a big imaging and soundstage fan. (hence the Innersounds)I wouldn't mind going solid state, but want to stay away from anything bright.This is my first attempt at a serious system. I'm using a Parasound as a cd player.( which I'm aware is my weekest link)But first I need a preamp.As I don't own one. So, I'm looking for tube warmth and liquidity and SS bass.( just like everyone else. Any ideas?
I've never had a chance to listen to the Pass, but I did own the KRC-3 at one time. It was without a doubt the worst sounding preamp I have ever had. Harsh, Constricted, Lack of Space, just nasty. Look elsewhere, the Krell KBL on the other hand is simply amazing, if you wish to stick with Krell.
Hey Mike,

I used to own the Eros II and there is a really easy way to get the type of sound you seek. You use either a great solid-state preamp or no preamp (I used the Parasound P/LD 2000, a John Curl design with great success). Then you need to use a good hybrid (tube/MOSFET) amp to drive the ESL panels (the Monarchy Audio SE-160 monoblocks are magic with the Eros). This is my tested and proven recipe for getting the best out of these great speakers without spending megabucks. I'm sure you'll be very surprised at the level of performance you can attain with this setup.

No tube preamp I tried (including the Rogues and other more expensive units) could even come close to delivering the kind of bass extension and articulation that you can achieve with the above mentioned configuration.
I have the Aleph P, and like it very much. It's variable gain feature is great for dealing with different music selections. The Aleph P is entirely unoffensive, remaining invisible even when using appropriate gain.
Gotta agree. My P is so transparent that all upstream changes are very clearly audible. A wire with one gain stage, and 1/2" signal paths. Phew!