Krell KRC-3 ?'s

Hello All, I am having a discussion with the seller of a KRC-3. They claim it was introduce by Krell in 1995 (because the owners manual shows a copy right date of 1995) and that the price was $5500. I'm sure they are wrong on that but I'm not sure if the Blue Book date of 1997 and $2950 is correct. They also claim the price of the 3 was reduced in 2000 or 2001 to $3500 (since that is what they paid). Again I think wrong; my information shows the price was increased to $3200 in that period. Questions:
When was the KRC-3 actually introduced and for how much?
Anyone know the actual price history?
When did Krell stop making the KRC-3 and what replaced it in the Krell line-up? I see that the KRC-HR was offered during the same time period. Any accurate information will be helpful, seems there is a lot of wrong information out there on the net. Thank you Tim

I sold my KRC-3 over 10 years ago for $1300.00. I bought it new for a little less than $3000.00.

Well the first review in Audioreview was in December of 1996 and states a list price of $2950. Here is a link, you'll have to scroll back to the beginning manually. I don't know when it was discontinued, but I'm pretty sure it was NEVER $5500. The seller must be confusing the KRC-3 with some other Krell model, perhaps the KRC-2.

Looking at the reviews drying up in 2003, I would guess that is when the KRC-3 was discontinued.