Krell Kps28c vs Marantz SA-1

Which would you choose and why? This will be for Redbook.
I have no experience with KPS28c but you can`t go wrong with Marantz SA-1. I have owned and compared my SA-1 with lots of diferent players and digital combos from Burmester, Accuphase, Esoteric, Wadia, and even Zanden but none of them came close to the clarity and musicality of SA-1. My personal experience tells me that you can`t do much better in digital regardless the price.
I agree with Plutos. The SA-1 was/is a fabulous player, for both redbook and SACD. So is its descendant, the SA-7S1. I compared both to a lot of different things over the years, and I kept coming back to the Marantzes. They're makers of MUSIC, not sound.

I'd be a little concerned about parts availability, but maybe a call to Marantz North America would answer that question.
I actually have both currently, SA-7S1 and SA-1.
SA-1 is clearly superior but SA-7S1 will still slash all other digital front end that I have owned. SA-7S1 seems a bit more reserved but also very very good. Plus 3 different filter settings to mach your gear and taste.
The clarity and musical flow from SA-1 is just something really special.
It's funny how different ears can hear things differently. When I had both in house, I preferred the SA-7S1 to the SA-1. It wasn't a huge difference by any stretch, but that's how it turned out for me. The SA-7S1 IS more "reserved" in comparison with some other, more forward players, but I think that adds to its sense of fluidity and ease. Whether that's an artifact or not, who knows?
Thanks! for sharing.