Krell KPS25SC- How good is this piece really?

I've heard great things about this unit.
I've seen no reviews. I was wondering how good it actually is compared to other Class A preamps and digital?
I own it and love it! Best digital I have heard for the money unless you want to pay for the Levinson seperates or dc elgar. Preamp is excellent and easy to use. It has many connections for other digital equipment to use its dac and a theater throughput for home theater. Do you live in the San Francisco area? You can have a listen.
Aside from enduring the withering criticisms on Audiogon and similar sites I think you would hear that this piece is very musical and easy to use. I don't think most people have heard this unit. I use mine with a FPB 400cx with the CAST cables and think that it sounds wonderful. I have a room that is great for listening (very well damped and no reflections) and think that the room is more important than most people will admit. I don't know that I would've bought this piece without the great price I got thru Audiogon. But I would unhesitatingly recommend it. In addition to sounding great it also eliminates an additional piece of gear in your system; better for sound, space, and cheaper (no IC cables) because CAST cables are much cheaper than top of the line IC cables (although I have heard that Siltech is going to make CAST cables).
I have a Krell KPS20iL and a 700cx. I've been considering changing to the 25sc for all the advantages that it seems to offer - but I have no opportunity to compare it with my existing unit. Does anyone have any opinions on how the two compare?
It is awesome and EASY to use. Used in conjunction with a Krell amp utilizing the CAST system it sounds better than with Valhalla XLR's! Siltech makes CAST cables that best Krell's.