Krell KPS 28c or other transport / DAC combo?

Greetings, I am asking for recommendations for a redbook digital front end. I have a Krell FPB 400cx amp and about to purchase a Krell KCT pre and was wondering if I should purchase a Krell KPS 28c cd player so I could take advantage of the all cast system, or, is there another transport / DAC combo that would sound better without the cast technology in relatively the same price range? Say around $5K-6K used. Thank you and Happy Listening! John
I really enjoy my all CAST system consisting of 400cx, KCT, & KPS-28c. At the beginning, the KPS-28c was somewhat bright until I changed out the stock powercord to Vh Audio Flavor 4 and added the BPT 3.5 sig. Power Conditioner. The sound is now truly amazing. I will be keeping this combination for a long time. S.D.
I too have the fpb 400cx and KCT. It is absolutely one fine system with cast cables. I snuck into the Las Vegas T.H.E. show and listned to some really expensive systems but none put my system to shame, in fact very few sounded as good. I short you are going in the right direction imho. My only advice, give your KCT good ventilation. I have the kav 280c but hope to get the kps 28c soon also.
have fun!