Krell KPS 28c or not ?

I need a CD player to go with my FPB 400CX and my KCT. How good is the KPS 28c Is It worth getting or should I look at anouther CD player.


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Yes there are better options, i owned 700cx and KCT and KPS 28c. I would not buy that unit again.
If i have had that Krell combo, i had used something a bit more musical. Something was lost going from KPS 25sc to the KCT & KPS 28c. Perhaps the KPS 25sc had more "colour" if one may put it so. I think the combo is the better part in that line up. I can't advice what to look for, but ARC had been on my list to.
I started with FPB 600c and Teac P-70 & D-70. Changed to KPS 25sc. Went to FPB 700cx, KCT and KPS 28c. I used a few speakers on the way.