Krell KPS 28c or not ?

I need a CD player to go with my FPB 400CX and my KCT. How good is the KPS 28c Is It worth getting or should I look at anouther CD player.

Yes there are better options, i owned 700cx and KCT and KPS 28c. I would not buy that unit again.
I Think the 28 is a great cd player especially at the low price some of them have sold for. I like the ARC CD7 better but its almost 2x the price
If i have had that Krell combo, i had used something a bit more musical. Something was lost going from KPS 25sc to the KCT & KPS 28c. Perhaps the KPS 25sc had more "colour" if one may put it so. I think the combo is the better part in that line up. I can't advice what to look for, but ARC had been on my list to.
I started with FPB 600c and Teac P-70 & D-70. Changed to KPS 25sc. Went to FPB 700cx, KCT and KPS 28c. I used a few speakers on the way.
Thanks guys I am going with a Bryston BCD-1. I just love the sound of this player and the price is right.
The KCT and 28C are more reliable (they run less hot, less chance for new caps needed) The KCT has a better preamp stage than that built into the KPS25SC.