Krell KPS-28c, Is it the best for my cast system?

I am interested in your opinions as to the best CD player teamed up with my Krell KCT pre-amp and Krell FPB-400cx amp into B&W N802 speakers. I currently have a Krell kav-280 cd, which I like a lot, but is there better out there to upgrade to? Is the Krell KPS-28c any better then the kav-280 cd? Or is there a better CD player then the KPS-28c with my system? Thanks in advance, John
The Krell KPS 28C is the best that I know of that is capable of connecting with Krell's CAST cabling. But, as far as CD/SACD, it seems that the best flavor of the month seems to be the Meitner gear (EMM's DAC6e with their new to be released CDSD). Reimyo is also suppose to be very good.
The Krell SACD Standard outperforms last year's KAV-280cd on Red Book CD PLUS you get a Reference (Stereophile A+ Rated) SACD Player as a Bonus! With over 2,100-SACD titles currently available, you may want to take a listen to the excellent player.
Consider the kps 20i, I compared it to the kav 280cd and Levinson 390s. The 20i has much deeper bass, wider and deeper soundstage, greater clarity, and less of a digital edge. You could probably find one for a lot less than the 28c and get most if not all of its performance. The build quality is also much better than the current Krells and comes with a better transport. Unless you are interested in the Meitner gear or Wadias latest forget SACD.
As far as I know the 28c is the only CAST CD player out there.

Be warned if buying the 20i. The transport may not be available anymore, and if it is, it will be very expensive.

I heard that Krell is planning a CD/SACD/DVDA player with CAST that will be in the Master Reference series. Start saving now.