Krell KPS 28C CD Player

 Hi this is a 2 part question. I Just put a down payment on a Krell KPS 28C CD player. I know it has also cast outputs as well as XLR Balanced . My system consists of B&W Matrix 800s , Krell FPB 600, Mark Levinson 38s . With Straightwire Cescendo and Virtuoso speaker cables and interconnects. My Krell and Levinson does not have cast outputs or inputs. Will i fully not benefit from not having or using cast inputs or outputs? Is it worth still buying this Krell cd player ? Also before i put the down payment on the Krell KPS 28C i was going to purchase the new Rega Saturn r. Did u think i made the right choice? Any info is very much appreciated. Mike 
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Also how is the availability for parts , laser etc. for the Krell kps 29c ? 
I think CAST made more relevance between KCT and FPB 700cx then from KCT to KPS 28c.
It's an OK cdp, if you don't look for a specific ideal sound.
Personally, i prefer Wadia. 
I am looking or the best sounding cd player with incredible bass for around $3000
The Krell 20i blows away the 28C in every way....and it has great bass! I had the 2 players side by side. To be fair, I was told the 28C performed much better with Cast connections. The only problem with the 20i is the transport is not available for replacement.....although it can sometimes be found on e-bay from questionable sources. The 20i is generally listed at 2.5k-2.8k.

Hi ...I just got my refund back for the Krell 28c and decided to buy the Krell 20i. Got it for $3500 in mint condition with light use. Also it is upgraded with the Delta 9 D A conversion upgrade board. Up graded from Krell. He said it was a $1500 upgrade and has the papers from Krell. 
Nice score- tattooedtrackman.

keep me posted as you massage your cdp into the system. Happy Listening!
Thank you i will !!!!!!!!! 
Thats funny, when i had 600c and KPS 25sc, Krell adviced me to run KCT and KPC 28c over KPS 25sc, together with 700cx which i had bought.
What i do remember is that KPS 28c sounded ok, but in some way it was not like i expected. According to Krell, KPS 25sc was much more coloured in the sound. Perhaps it was, but it also had an impact that the KCT and KPS 28c did not have.
I don't know what would be the sweet spot cdp to use with 700cx and KCT.
But i would not have chosen KPS 28c. Hope you like the 20i?
Never listened to that unit. Lately i had a Wadia 381 which i have sold.
I liked the Wadia and i think it had suited as a cdp with KCT and 700cx.
I have owned a KPS 28c for several years, paired with a Krell amp and pre-amp.  About a year ago, it stopped reading any inserted CD so I arranged to send it back to Krell for repair.  For $335, Krell replaced the step gear and belt and returned the unit to me; problem was, it still did not work.  Krell apologized, stating that it must have been damaged during shipping, sent me an RMA label and I shipped it back to Krell.  A month later, I had the unit back for a second time.  Still did not work. I have attempted to contact the rep at Krell 4 times and, quite surprisingly, no longer get a response.  

Thanks! for sharing- pantherjk

it is imperative that we post all experiences, both positive & negative,
when dealing w/ these companies. Especially their customer service!
Krell gear is not cheap in price.