Krell KPS 28c

I have seen a few of these for sale recently and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this cdp? Has this model been discontinued and why does it seem difficult to sell them, apart from the usual spoofers on certain auction sites.

28C, AFAIK, is discontinued. Supposedly they are working on KPS version of
SACD player. ( Krell is vague about its lanuch date, however )

It's an excellent player if you like your music presented big and bold
with good pacing.

I would think, however, this player needs some consideration with
ancilaries. (it's a better match with a system with a warmish slant )
Otherwise, it can sound rather stark.

Why Krell players difficult to sell?
I dunno. Personaly I found Krell digital excellent. But they do have
a strong house sound and not all audiphlies *approve* of it.
Krell has a new player (sacd) that will be out this month.