Krell KPS 25SC


I am thinking about purchasing Krell KPS 25SC.
I know that this player/preamp was regarded highly.

However, I am not sure how this player stacks up against
current highend players?

Any opinions? My poweramp is Krell FPB400CX and speakers are Andra II.
I owned this pre-amp/CD unit and used it with CAST cables to a Krell 400cx amp. I was very happy with it over my previous setup but then I auditioned the KPS with a Pass x-1 preamp and the preamp sounded better even with the Purist Audio Venustas IC cables. So I bought the Pass as well as a Musical Fidelity TriVista CD/SACD player and the sound quality was a very, very big upgrade.

I have since upgraded further but I thought I would share this with you. It seems that the CD technology has changed the most so you could do a lot better than the KPS technology (which is ten years old by now) in both the CD and the preamp area. It was a good unit but you can do much better now, especially in the used market.
I had a Krell KPS-25SC about 5 years ago. For the time it was excellent. Then until I put a Marantz SA-1 CD/SACD player in exchange. No comparison the Marantz SA-1 smoked the Krell in all facets. And I am not just talking in SACD but also redbook CD sound.

The preamp section on the Krell is just OK. Pass Labs X1 or better yet Threshold Fet Ten E preamp easily out performs the Krell preamp section.

To answer your question the Krell KPS-25SC can easily be beaten today.
I had an older KPS (20i) and really liked the sound but I talked to a Krell tech about maintenance/service and was told the laser assembly had become obsolete. He told me once the laser unit dies I have a 60 pound paper weight. Krell had no way of repairing any of these units and they do die over time. I got worried and sold it.

I would call Krell and see if they still stock parts especially the laser assembly. The thing is literally built like a tank but the lasers do go out with typical use over time. You might just fall in love and want to hang onto it for a while. I have never had a piece of equipment built like that 20i before or since.
I am currently running a Mark Levinson 360S with a No.37 transport, Modwright SWL 9.0 linestage and Levinson 23.5. I love the sound ... I can’t bring myself to even try anything else. The 360S makes beautiful music no matter what I plug into it. It's the whole synergy thing ... room, cables, power, pre, speakers, input - I somehow stumbled into a system that makes me really happy after 10 years of flip-flip. There might be something to matching up certain well made components from a single manufacturer. I am considering trying a Levinson SS pre just to put next to the Modwright to see what I think. Tube equipment get a little hot in the summer.
I purchased my KPS-25s almost 10 years ago. Over this time I have considered upgrading it, comparing with DCS Elgar, Gryphon Mikado and more. None could justify an upgrade.

Recently I suspected that I was not getting the enjoyment from the Krell as I was used to, and serviced the unit with new capacitors. So the main problem with this player is that it gets very hot and the capacitors expire early. With new capacitors, they are back to being a match for many of today's players.

Yes I am considering an upgrade, but IMO the only components in the same league are USD10k an above.

Try to google Martin Colloms of Hifi Critic timeless grading of CD players for a more objective view.
I too have a KPS25sc that I purchasd back in the 90s...
I have had the capacitors replaced.
I have yet to find a better redbook CD player for my ears.
My system also has an FPB700c and Watt Puppy 7s connected with Tara
Labs "The ONE"...a very 90s system.
I have been in the high end audio business for 35 plus years and I must confess that I have been a Krell dealer since the 80s.
I am sure there are newer systems that eclipse mine, but I still get the same goose bumps as I did when it was new ( and current ).
I have added a network music player (Denon) as well as a 24/96 player....
All good..but for redbook CD, the KPS25sc does the job!
To this day, no matter if a kps 25sc is obsolete or not,to me, by far, Its the most buetiful piece of equipment I have ever seen!, The best eye candy ever!, cheers!
I have had my KPS25sc since it was new.
I have yet to hear a better sounding CD player, preamp, DAC....
It is over a dozen years old and I did have the Caps replaced a while back.
I no longer leave it on 24/7...that keeps the heat issues at bay.
I would like to know why the kps-25sc gets hot?, Krell claims that their pre-amps are class A, so I do not understand this at all, I do know the 25sc is Class A for sure, the unit acts the part, but I have doubts about the EVO-2 or the reference 707 proccessor that is said to be the best pre-amps ever made by krell, and That may be debatable?
Most important thing with Krell KPS25 cd player is to get back up JVC Laser Heads that was used on KPS25.
JVC don't make them anymore.

JVC Transport EXU-901A was used in these models:
Victor XL-Z900
Victor XL-Z999
Reimyo CDP-777
Krell KPS 25s
Krell KPS 25sc
Phase Tech CT-1

From what I remember Reimyo bought all the remaining stuff from JVC.
check out my 8-26-14 post, hey everone, try to answer that question?
****I would like to know why the kps-25sc gets hot?****

Poor design and poor execution.