Krell KPS-20i vs. BAT VKD-5SE

I want to know if anybody could compare these 2 CD Players.
I have the Krell KPS-20i Delta 9 and I want to know if the BAT (last version, 24 bits and battery pack)is better than my old Krell
I have the Krell KPS-20i w/Delta 9 upgrade and I have yet to hear a player with better bass, resolution, rythym & detail... she was that far ahead of her time! Keep it, don't chase shadows! She makes red book CD's sound as good or better than SACD in my opinion.

I have had KPS-20i on loan for couple of weeks. Although it has a very good bass and detail, it doesn't sound nowhere near as good in the midrange and soundstaging department as some of the modern CD players, like AA Capitole Reference or MBL 1531.

I havent't heard the BAT CD player, but knowing their house sound I wouldn't be surprised if it was much more fuller in the mids and musical sounding CD Player than the old Krell.