Krell KPS-20i/L or 20i w/KRC-HR

Has anyone heard the KPS-20i/L into a Krell amp (300S). I would think that this is the best way to go, but Krell says the KRC-HR is a better pre amp. Still wouldn't it be better to not have a pre amp with a one source system?
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I owned the original KRC.It was excellent.I used it with a 200S,along with an MD 10,and a Studio.Now I eliminated the transport,dac and the pre.Replaced by the 20iL.The sound is incredible.I like it much more than with the original set up.So if your going to purchase a 20 il.I recommend you do so.Run it directly to the amp.It's all you will need.Trust me.Good luck.
The HR has too much resolution for its own good, resulting in no sense of air whatsoever. Too much of a good thing. The KRC 3, which isn't all that great a preamp, does air and space better than the HR. The KPS 20iL is just a tad dry through the midrange, but it one very impressive piece of business otherwise. I was very impressed by it. The better option, I'd say.