Krell KPS 20i/l 5 Point Magnetic Clamp Puck

I have a Krell KPS 20 i/l That I just recently picked up but I have no way of testing it becasue it does not have the 5 Point Magnetic Clamp. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I could get one. Krell is looking for me but it does not look promising.

Any help would be appreciated.
Worst case scenario - pick up any nonworking CDM-9Pro CDP player / transport (Theta Data Basic, PS Lambda etc) and retrive the origial Philips clamp.

I have seen once an original clamp for sale on agon ... you may try posting a wonted ad.
Hello.I do have a perfect clamp for this unit.I bought it as a spare for my 20i, but have since moved on to a really expensive esoteric cd unit.I do not remember what I paid for it though.I put my hands on it 5 minutes ago,before I sent this email.I can call Krell on Monday and ask Ray how much I paid for it.
Please let me know. That would be awesome.