Krell KPS-20i Drive replace

I want to know where I can buy the drive for the Krell KPS-20i. I have this machine since 1997. Althought it works perfect, I want to know what happen if I have to replace the drive. I red that it is too difficult to find it.
You have to search for a replacement CDM9Pro Philips drive which is long obsolete. They can be found but not easily.

Could be worse; the Krell KPS35s uses a superb JVC drive which is totally impossible to find now. Turns it into an expensive paperweight.

Other problems with the KPS20i are the lid motor which can be repeaired but is prone to failure due to design; the LED display which is difficult to source but can be replaced with an equivalent (different colour display)

Good luck!
i have this unit in like new condition but would sell it for parts, the motor died.
any offers?

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i have a KPS-20i in like new condition but the motor died.
anybody want to buy it for parts, etc?

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